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Beer Review: Moon Dog Iron Lung IV

DSC_2889v2The best beer I’ve ever had? Almost.

Sometimes a beer takes you by surprise.  This one did.  Here’s the review:

Wow. Just. Wow.

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe this beer.

It’s just ….. WOW

Described as an American Oak-Aged Smokey Stout, this is the fourth in the annual series of Black Lung beers from Melbourne’s Moon Dog Brewing.

I got to taste it straight from the tap at the brewery in Abbotsford and it left me speechless.

It’s creamy, smooth, black as night appearance delivers a tight frothy head that clings to the side of the glass and releases a barrage of wonderful aroma’s that remind you of strange far off Celtic lands where dark stormy nights, beasts in deep lochs, and the howling winds of windswept moors scare you into the nearest pub for refuge.

Amongst the chocolate and coffee vapours are strong hints of smoked kippers seeped in the weird and wonderful island malts of Scotland.

The taste, however takes you to Ireland and that deep near bitter bite of aged Guinness, wrapped in a smooth silky texture. It’s a meal in a glass, and yet light on the palate leaving you craving more.

If you see this beer, buy it, taste it, drink it, devour it, or better still, send it to me.


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