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Temple Brewery Scarlet Sour (4.0%)

DSC_5717v2I first tasted this when the brewery opened, and I’m glad to see that it made it through the closure and reopening process, albeit slightly changed. Whilst this review is about the original version, the new version is very similar and still a fine beer.

I like Weiss beers, especially the red Berliner Weiss. And whilst this is no Berliner Weiss, it has the same ability to refresh, satisfy and keep you coming back for more.

On pouring, there isn’t much of a head, and what there was disappeared very quickly. But that’s not always a problem and some beers are just made that way.

The slight aroma of the tartness and cranberries is easily picked out (In the newer version the aroma of the cranberries is much more pronounced). Some floral notes add to the smell but struggle to get past the acidicness.

In the glass it looks like a dark pink rose champagne bubbling away releasing the bitter tones of the wheat malt. First taste is one of dry bitterness, but the fruit soon comes through aided by the natural carbonation. Not an overly large taste of cranberries (again enhanced in the new version), this tastes clean and refreshing.

This has a different bitterness to a normal Weiss beer that borders more on the yeastiness of a saison, but it’s a combination I really enjoyed.