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Sydney’s Marrickville Triangle – The Capital of Craft Beer

Explore Australia’s Capital of Craft Beer by visiting some, or all, of the breweries in the 3 kilometre triangle in Sydney’s Inner West which is now home to 13 breweries:

  • Batch Brewing Co Marrickville
  • Batch Brewing Co Small Batch, Petersham
  • BlackFont Brewhouse
  • Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co
  • Grifter Brewing Co
  • Rocks Brewing Co
  • Sauce Brewing Co
  • Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room
  • Wayward Brewing Co
  • Wildflower Brewing and Blending
  • Willie the Boatman
  • Young Henrys
  • Yulli’s Brews

Due to the large number of breweries, there are a number of tour options:

  • The Marrickville Centre: starting at Rocks Brewing Co and heading northwards visiting Yulli’s Brews, Willie the Boatman, Batch Brewing Co, Sauce Brewing, Wildflower Brewing, Grifter Brewing Co and ending at Young Henrys.  This is a full day option and starts at Rocks Brewing Co as they open at breakfast.
  • The Inner West North: Starting at Batch Brewing Co’s Small Batch brewery at the Public House Petersham, then to Young Henrys, and ending at Wayward Brewing.
  • The Inner West East: starting at Rocks Brewing Co, then to Yulli’s Brew, ending at Willie the Boatman.
  • The Inner West West: Starting at Batch Brewing Co, then Sauce Brewing, ending at Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co bar.
  • The Short Walk: starting at Grifter Brewing, then Wildflower Brewing and Sauce Brewing Co, ending at Batch Brewing Co.
  • The Best Three: if you only have a limited time, starting at Blackfont Brewhouse then heading to Wildflower Brewing and Blending, and ending at Batch Brewing Co. Only available at the weekend due to the limited opening hours of the first two.

Before setting out, check opening days and times as they vary with not all breweries open every day, or all day.

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The area’s first craft brewery opened in 2012 when Young Henrys opened their doors in March. They remained alone until Batch Brewing Co opened at the end of 2013. After the Rocks Brewing Co site opened in Alexandria in 2014, at least two new breweries have opened each year since then:

  • 2015: Willie the Boatman, BlackFont Brewhouse, and Wayward Brewing
  • 2016: Grifter Brewing and Bucket Boys Craft Beer
  • 2017: Wildflower Brewing & Blending and Sauce Brewing
  • 2018: Stockade’s Barrel Room and Yulli’s Brews
  • 2019: Batch Brewing Co’s Small Batch and the soon to be opened Hopsters Co-Op brewery

As well as having the highest concentration of breweries in such a small area, it has one of the country’s most diverse range of beers on offer, from the hop forward US style beers from Batch Brewing and Sauce Brewing through to using locally collected yeasts and blending beer at Wildflower.  It also includes one of the best breweries in the country at the small BlackFont Brewhouse.

A number of the breweries also contract brew for other breweries listed in our Brewery List giving them a home in the area.

Batch Brewing Co Marrickville

Batch Brewing Co

Batch Brewing Co is in a long single storey industrial unit on Sydenham Road which since it opened in December 2013 has increasingly used up all the available space for fermenters and the bar area.

Although the plan was to produce mainly hop forward US style IPAs, Batch is now more well known for its Elsie Milk Stout which is a rare core beer among the constantly changing list of unusual beers, including some impressive sours.

Always busy, the bar serves upto 10 beers on tap with a wider range available in growlers, bottles and cans to take away.

Batch Brewing Co Small Batch at the Public House Petersham

Opened in August 2019, Batch Brewing Co’s second site is in the shed at the rear of the Public House Petersham. The beers it produces are only available on site, and are more experimental than those brewed at the Marrickville site.

The small Brewhouse sits behind the bar in the small venue that uses the seating area of the pub to provide a larger venue.

BlackFont Brewhouse

BlackFont Brewhouse

Originally opened in June 2015, BlackFont Brewhouse has had an erratic opening schedule that is now only one day a week.

It is a must visit brewery in the area, producing some of the best beers in the country ranging from BerlinerWeiss to Belgian IPAs.

Hard to find, the small bar area has upto 12 beers on tap and a few bottles to take away.  The brewery itself is small, so the beers rarely last long with its local reputation.

Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co on Illawarra Road is a bottle shop showcasing a large range of local and international beers, a growler filling station of their own, and guest, beers as well as holding regular brewery tasting sessions, and an upstairs bar serving a range of rarer national and international beers.

Opened in November 2016, they have developed a solid reputation and are now also regional distributors for a number of out of state breweries.  This is the place to buy bottled and canned beer.

Grifter Brewing Co

Grifter Brewing Co

Whilst Grifter Brewing Co have been around since 2012, they found a home in 2016 at the large venue tucked away in an industrial unit off Enmore Road.

With plenty of space for the bar area, the ever expanding brewery takes up more room against the back wall.  Their full core range is always on tap alongside seasonal and one off beers.

Rocks Brewing Co

Rocks Brewing Co

The inner west brewery and bar opened in 2014 significantly expanding the capacity of Rocks Brewing beyond their original Harts Pub venue in the original Rocks area near Circular Quay.

With the bar opening at 9am, it is probably going to be the first stop on any local brewery crawl and is the perfect place for breakfast.  The full core range of beers are on tap alongside a couple of seasonal and one off beers.  The huge brewery itself is clearly visible from everywhere in the venue.

Sauce Brewing Co

Tucked away down an alley Sauce Brewing Co’s seemingly small bar opens out into a huge outside garden area. Nicely located to break up the walk between Batch and Grifter, they offer a wide range of beers from BerlinerWeiss through to big double IPA’s.

Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room

Opened in mid 2018, Stockade Brew Co opened this Barrel Room to showcase some of the more exotic beers in their range. The core range, brewed elsewhere is also available along with a few guest beers, usually contract brewed by Stockade.

The large warehouse space has a small seating area surrounding the barrel store and a few fermenters.

Wayward Brewing Co

The most northerly of the Inner West breweries is Wayward Brewing Co. After three years contract brewing, they opened their Cellar Bar in September 2015. Deceptively spacious, the bar has a range of rooms well-crafted out of the building, with the brewhouse just visible in an adjacent higher room, with pre bookable tours available.

The 24 taps pour both the core range, alongside single batch brews that are only available at the brewery. There is also usually a couple of guest beers.

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Opened in April 2017, Wildflower Brewing & Blending are a must visit brewery in the area.

Using wort brewed at Batch Brewing, which is fermented in a couple of old dairy tanks in the venue using a mixture of locally collected yeast, it is matured in a range of barrels before being blended to create either a core range of Gold (a saison) or an Amber (a Biere de Garde), and an ongoing selection of regular singular brews featuring a range of fruit named after the owners children.

Beers are available on tap and from bottles, with bottles to take away of the singular brews

Willie the Boatman

Willie the Boatman

Originally opened nearby in early 2015, Willie the Boatman is now is a larger venue with a new Brewhouse. The range of beers reference local characters, many who helped build the original brewery. Their Corn Ale is named after Local Federal Member Anthony Albanese, who has become a political champion of craft beer.

The new venue’s bar was shipped from the USA from an old speakeasy complete with original bullet hole.

Young Henrys

Young Henrys

The original inner west brewery was Young Henrys opening in March 2012.  The small bar area allows a small glimpse of the ever expanding brewery behind in the industrial unit.

Yulli’s Brews

Another contract brewer that found a home in the Inner West. Yulli’s Brews opened their brewery and bar in June 2018.

The unassuming brewery has a small bar area with an upstairs seating area overlooking the brewery.

With such a high concentration of breweries in such a small area, it is no surprise that they have got together to form a local beer association, the Inner West Brewery Association which includes other nearby breweries in a wider Inner West area.

Easily the best place in the country for an easy walking brewery tour, the Marrickville Triangle is definitely the Australian Capital of Craft Beer