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Sunshine Coast Breweries Boom update

In February last year we highlighted the boom in Sunshine Coast breweries.  Mirroring the rest of the country, that boom has continued with more new breweries opening and the existing ones upgrading.

There are now 9 breweries on the Sunshine Coast.

Joining the breweries we featured last year: Sunshine Coast Brewery, Your Mates Brewing Co, Moffat Beach Brewing Co, 10 Toes Brewery, and Brouhaha Brewery are:

  • Sunshine Brewery
  • MacLeod Brewing Company
  • Bonsai Brewhouse
  • Wild Rocket Microbrewery

Sunshine Brewery

The newest brewery on the coast to open is Sunshine Brewery.

Located in an industrial unit in Kuluin, near Maroochydore, the 600 litre brewhouse is a collection of old and new.  It includes remnants of a much older brewery located in the region.

They are already planning for growth and have a fermenter farm of two 300 litre, two 600 litre, and two 1500 litre fermenters.

The tasting room at the front is set out with three large German style benches with a clear view of the whole brewery.  Six beers are already on tap including a Pale Ale, IPA, Red Ale, Stout and Saison.  They’ll also be some seasonal beers.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday with food vans on site at the weekend.

MacLeod Brewing Company

In the hinterland, on the way to Maleny at Bald Knod, MacLeod Brewing Company have recently opened in the old Big Barrel Winery building.

The brewhouse is a new 15Hl system with a matching range of fermenters, bright tanks and serving tanks. They have also been offering contrat brewing facilities to other breweries, including the local Your Mates Brewing Co.

As the building was an old winery and tasting room, there is plenty of space in the slighly modified and updated tasting area which is in the ” barrel”.  The brewhouse is in the rear grey industrial building.

Bonsai Brewhouse

In the Noosa hinterland town of Pomona, Bonsai Brewhouse opened in March last year, but closed in January this year with a move to the nearby town of Cooran currently in progress.  They should reopen soon.

Owned by ex Sunshine Coast Brewery head brewer, Matt Vanderveen, the brew house is a small 100 litre system which allows for a huge range of beers to be made.  A list of the beers in fermenters is usually posted.

The core range is usually six beers with seasonals and specials on tap, but with the small capacity they go very quickly.

Wild Rocket Microbrewery

Behind the small restaurant of Mistys in the hinterland town of Montville is the Wild Rocket Microbrewery.  The brewery itself is in one of the outbuildings at the rear.

Their beers are avialable in the restaurant with 3 or 4 usually available.

Existing Breweries

All of the existing breweries we covered last time have been expanding.

10 Toes Brewery

At just over a year old, 10 Toes Brewery have significantly increased their capacity with a larger kettle and two new large fermenters to meet demand for their beers, especially the Pipeline Pale Ale.

Their beers are also now more widely available in the region with a number of regular outlets and the core range of beers available in bottles.  They are also the only brewery on the coast that offers Growler fills at the brewery.

Moffat Beach Brewing Co

With increased demand, Moffat Beach Brewing Co, have increased their capacity with two new larger 600 litre fermenters.

This is also allows them to have at least four of their own beers on tap alongside a few guest beers, as until the new fermenters arrived the beers were often sold out in a few days.

Your Mates Brewing Co

Your Mates Brewing Co have expanded beyond their industrial unit in Caloundra and relocated their main base of operation to their own bar in Nambour called The Basement.

They have also been changing their contract brewery, moving from Baffle Beer Brewery to 4 Hearts in Ipswich and are now brewing at MacLeod Brewing Company.

They recently expanded their range and now have added Donnie Dark Ale to their Larry Pale Ale.

Brouhaha Brewery

After less than a year open, Brouhaha Brewery in Maleny have added extra space to their restaurant with an outdoor “casual drinking area” overlooking the hinterland.

They have recently started to can their beers using a mobile canning facility, although the cans aren’t yet available to buy at the brewery.  Subject to licensing they will be soon.

Even More?

We also have details of three further confirmed new breweries in the process of opening, all of which at the northern end of the region.  Firstly the return of Eumundi Brewing and then two opening soon in Noosa.

Plus there are at least three more in the detailed planning stages for the region.