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In monitoring the craft beer industry, and collecting data to compile our Brewery List, we have developed a range of direct services to help and assist breweries, and those starting a brewery.

Alongside this, we partner with trusted companies to provide market-leading products and services.

Direct Services

We offer the following direct services:

  • Industry Research – our extensive knowledge of the Australian craft brewery industry sector allows us unique insight into the issues affecting the industry and likely future trends.
  • Targeted use of our Brewery List database – access to our comprehensive database of Australian Craft Beer Breweries for targeted promotional and sales campaigns.
  • Business Planning and Advice – help with creating and reviewing your business plan, targeted and costed action plans, setting and maintaining budgets, staff selection, training, and retention.
  • Data Analysis – help with analysing locational, demographic, financial, and logistical data of the wider craft beer industry and within your business.
  • Governmental Liaison – help with negotiating the mass of governmental legislation, and how to interact successfully and quickly with bureaucrats to ensure the quickest, and smoothest, possible route to approvals.
  • Promotional Writing – help with writing clear, concise, and successfully targeted website text, brochures and leaflets, company documents, presentations, and applications for funding and approvals.
  • Craft Beer Tasting and Appreciation Events -using our extended, and in depth knowledge, to educate your customers about your products through sessions on discovering the history, background, and tastes and flavours of craft beer.

Contact John Elliott on for further information on any of the above services.


Supported Services

The following products and services

  • Brewery Insurance

AB Phillips

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Dale Batchelor: 03 9520 2934, 0412 379 660,
Chris O’Connor: 03 9520 2922, 0408 797 496,

AB Philips are experts in insurance, financial services and people risk solutions and have a specialised team now dealing with Product Recall and Contamination cover.


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