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Who Owns The Brewery – Part 4: Asahi and CCA (Coca Cola)

Do you know who owns and produces the “craft beer” you are drinking?

As with all businesses, not all is as it seems as there are many breweries promoting themselves as craft breweries making craft beers.

To provide a guide to the every increasingly difficult landscape of who owns the brewery, we have produced a series of guides to help understand “Who Owns The Brewery”.

In our last part, Part 4 we look at the two major global companies that have recently entered the craft beer market in Australia. Initially through the creation of “corporate craft brands” but more recently through the acquisition of an existing independent craft beer brewery

The Parent Companies

Asahi are the largest Japanese brewing company, having been producing beer since 1889.

Who Owns The Brewery - AsahiTheir expansion into Australia began in 1990 when they acquired a small part of Elders IXL (now part of SABMiller). In 2013 they acquired the Cricketers Arms brand, and have more recently bought Melbourne’s Mountain Goat brewery having been contract brewery some of their beers for a couple of years.

CCA (Coca Cola Amatil Australia) are partly owned by their giant US parent company who started their famous beverage business in 1886.

Who Owns The Brewery - CCA CCA are primarily a soft drink bottling company in the Asia Pacific region who started in Australia in 1904.  Their entry into the beer business started in 2006 with a joint distribution venture with SABMiller, who bought them out in 2011.  In Oct 2014, CCA re-entered the beer business with the launch of a joint venture with Casella wines called The Australian Beer Co.  They produce three “corporate craft” brands, the largest of which is the Yenda range of beers.

“Craft Brands”

Asahi Group has two “craft brands”:

  • Cricketers Arms
  • Mountain Goat

CCA have three “craft brands”:

  • Yenda
  • Arvo
  • Alehouse


Whilst these two companies have a small part of the alcohol and “craft beer” business in Australia, they are very large companies that will probably look to expand their beer portfolios in the future, especially CCA who have a vast national, and international distribution network.  They also have significant amounts of money with which to create new brands, or buy existing craft beer breweries.

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