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New Brewery Feature: Brass Monkey Brewhouse, Stanthorpe, QLD

Deep in the heart of Stanthorpe wine country, Ernie Butler has just opened the Brass Monkey Brewhouse.


Situated off the main New England Highway at Severnlea, the brewery and tasting room occupy a large blue shed on Donges Road.

DSC_4480v2Currently Brass Monkey are producing a range of beers, all available on tap at the brewery.  They include

  • Tin Miners Kolsch (3.6%)
  • Severn River Pale Ale (4.7%)
  • Swagman’s Lager (4.8%)
  • Italian Pilsner (4.7%)
  • English Brown Ale (5.1%)
  • Tommy Hawk Stout (4.6%)
  • Old (4.5%)

Each is also available for take away in 500ml bottles.

Due to the small size of the brewery, each batch sells out quickly.


The tasting room occupies most of the blue shed with plenty of seating around the large wooden tables with a couple of used oak barrels also providing space to set down a glass.

Already in place, and soon to be open, is a small counter space for food service which will offer a range of good beer related snacks. Until then large cheese platters are available to help compliment the beers.

The bar at the rear, made from recycled materials, sits in front of the actual brewery.  Most popular with visitors are the tasters of each beer, served one at a time to ensure you get the beer as fresh as possible.  And once you’ve been through the range, take a pot or schooner and admire the view of fields of horses and grapevines.


The brewery takes up a small room at the back behind the bar and has been put together by Ernie as he’s gone along – a true locally made brewery.

Ernie and his wife are always on duty and love to talk about their beers, how they are brewed and what influences them.  And I’m sure if you ask nicely you could get yourself a short brewery tour.

DSC_4489v2Next time someone suggests a wine tour around Stanthorpe, persuade them that a brewery tour would be more interesting and head straight to the Brass Monkey Brewhouse, which is open from Thursday to Monday from 10am to 6pm.

Check out their Facebook page which is frequently updated with photos of brewery visitors.

Whilst you are in the area, there is also the Granite Belt Brewery at Happy Valley, the Castle Glen Brewery at The Summit.  And if you have time, try the Scenic Rim Brewery beers at the Mount Alford Hotel and Simon’s Tavern in Boonah.

In fact, make a weekend of the trip, and visit them all.