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GABS 2016 Top 10 Weirdest Beers

GABS2016_OZ_Show_Guide-1The Festival Beers brewed especially for the Great Australian Beer Spectapular (GABS) always tend towards the more adventurous styles and tastes.  Previous best beers of the festival have included beers tasting of Rocky Road and Milk and Two Sugars!

This year’s GABS stats this week in Melbourne before continuing next week in Sydney, and this year’s offerings are no different in their weirdness.  It’s amazing what brewers do to beer and how they can create some of the flavours. Then there are those that just do strange things.

The Top 10 weirdest beers  that will be available at this year’s GABS are:

  1. 7 Cent Brewery Belly Button Beer (4.5%). Yes, belly button beer!  Fermented from yeast captured from the belly buttons of the brewers.  Will there really be a queue to try this one?
  2. Robe Town Brewery Moby Dick Ambergris Ale (7.4%). Ambergris is WHALE VOMIT washed up on the shore.  This beer had ambergris in it!  That’s whale vomit! Washed up on the shore!
  3. Batch Brewing Co Marrickville Pork Roll (4.9%). Inspired by the Vietnamese pork roll,  Bánh mi thit, this has everything you might expect in it:  cucumber, carrot, coriander, chillies, and PORK BROTH.
  4. Colonial Brewing Company Project #21: The Reuben Sandwich (5.6%). Not content with making a beer that tastes of a sandwich, the brewer has made this one ALSO taste like a martini. Together in one beer!  Saves time at lunch I guess.
  5. Doctor’s Orders Brewing Mutagenic Cephalopod (5.4%). This one tastes of the sea.  It’s salty, and has been brewed with seaweed and squid ink.  And if that wasn’t enough, there is a dash of chipotle oil thrown in!
  6. Young Henrys Brewing Downstairs Mixup (5.5%). Another beer tasting like a cocktail. This one tastes like a Campari and IPA Spritzer!  The brewer says “expect a vibrant, herbaceous and refreshing experience”.  That’s what he said.
  7. Mildura Brewing Substitution IPA (6.0%). A taste of the future? Maybe this is how IPA will taste when existing crops fail – using substitutes that may still be around in the future, there’s potato for malt, and pink grapefruit for hops.  Is the future going to be bright?
  8. Hawthorn Brewing Midnight In Bombay (4.9%). A Goan spice farm in a beer.  This has green cardamom, coriander seeds, cloves, and smoky black cardamon.  Spicy!  You might need a lager with this one.
  9. Hopdog Beerworks Electrostatic Graff (7.6%). Another beer trying to be something else.  This is a beer/cider hybrid.  And it’s sour.  I think I’ll let others try this first.
  10. Brisbane Brewing Co Pavlova-Lova (6.2%). A range of ingredients that includes strawberries, cream, lactose from milk, passionfruit, and vanilla.  A real dessert beer?

And no doubt one of these will win the annual People’s Choice Award for the best beer!


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