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Comment: Brisbane G20

G20ExtendedMasterlogoWhat does the Brisbane craft beer community do when world leaders roll into town for Brisbane G20?

Make the most of it.

This weekend the worlds media attention has been focused on Brisbane, with it playing host to the latest G20 summit. With most people leaving the city for the weekend, and the lack of any negative protesting activity, the national and global media have been looking for stories.

And they’ve found a few around the large Brisbane craft beer community.


In a spark of genius, Bacchus created 20 new beers, one for each country, to be enjoyed at their Capalaba site over this weekend in a G20 Beer Festival. With some of the names and descriptions sailing close to the wind, the Bacchus wry sense of humour uses a few stereotypes to create links to each country. There is even a T-shirt to commemorate the event.
Picked up by a number of national media outlets, Bacchus has had some great TV coverage and even made the Strewth column in The Australian.


The Caxton Street Brewski bar took full advantage of the appearance of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkelas as she arrived at her hotel across the road on Friday night. With the media reporting that she had nipped in for a drink (she didn’t unfortunately for her), that was no reason to spoil a great story that even reached the international media, and provided huge free publicity for the bar.  The story was reported, at least, locally in Brisbane’s Courier Mail as well as internationally in the UK’s Daily Mail and Germany’s Die Welt.

Scratch Bar

Whilst it’s not been picked up by the press, owner Ben’s posts on the Scratch bar Facebook page on the continuing story of their isolation and experiences of just being outside the Red Zone in the “Wasteland” has been one of the most entertaining aspects of enduring the citywide disruption. It’s also provided great opportunities to promote future events, their food and even the bottled beer range. The posts could be a story in their own right.

Whether planned, or clever use of circumstance, there’s always a way to get free publicity on the back of major citywide events, and these three have proved that to quite some degree.

Good on them.