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Brewery List: Update No. 25 (August 2020)

This update adds those breweries that have opened since our last update in May 2020 together with those that missed the last update.

Not surprisingly the craft beer brewery numbers have not significantly changed due to the impact of the coronavirus. The introduction of restrictions in March heavily impacted the hospitality industry with forced closures and limits on trading. Restrictions that are ongoing in a number of areas. Whilst nine new breweries have opened, two are nano breweries, one a regional brewer that added a second site that has been in long term planning, with the rest being contract start-ups.

Our list of “coming breweries” has seen another increase to around 170 that were planning to open in the next 6 months to a year. Many of the new breweries in development are still planning to open as soon as possible, so the long term impact on the industry may be small and is a long way from being defined. Especially as we have only had reports of two breweries stating that the impact of the coronavirus damaged their business to the extent they had to close their doors.

The changes bring the current total of craft beer breweries in Australia to 740.

Of the 740 breweries:

  • 25% are contract, or gypsy brewers
  • 49% are small breweries. These are the nano and pub breweries
  • 21% are medium size. These are the micro-breweries producing between 50,000 and 300,000 litres per year
  • 5% are large breweries. These are the ones that have a regional and national presence.

Around 550 are physical breweries of which around 500 are open to the public

Since our last update in May;

  • Another 19 more new breweries have been added to our Brewery List
    • 9 that have started since our last update
    • 2 that just missed our last update
    • 8 from previous years
  • 6 have been deleted.  These are now listed on a seperate Closed Craft Beer Breweries page.
  • There have been 3 name changes.
  • 14 have new or updated address details.
  • With 3 having new branding and logos.

The Australian Craft Beer Brewery List

Our Brewery List includes breweries, brew pubs, brewing companies, and contract brewers. We use a wide definition for inclusion in the Brewery List on the basis that they produce craft beer for sale to the public, whether on premises or not.

Currently the number of craft beer breweries in each state is:

Is a “Brewery” really a “Brewery” without a physical presence?

We think so, at least for inclusion on our Brewery List. And more people are beginning to take the same view.

The craft beer market in Australia is still new and developing, with consumers being slowly converted to the wide variety and tastes of craft beer. Most of those consumers drink their beer in a local craft beer bar, and when they see the row of tap labels on the bar, we don’t believe that they care if the beer comes from a brewery, brew pub, brewing company, contract/gypsy brewer, or even a marketing company. As long as it’s a craft beer served properly.

Our list is about helping consumers identify the different brands/companies and check if they are craft beer breweries. Our aim is to expand overall awareness and knowledge of craft beer in Australia.

Whilst there will always be discussion about what is craft beer and what is a craft beer brewery, and we welcome debate and discussion, our Brewery List is still the most comprehensive and up to date Australian Craft Beer Brewery List.

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