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Brewery List: Update No. 18 (October 2018)

This is our biggest update since we started the Brewery List in 2014.

Since our last update in June, there has been a huge number of new breweries opening – the most in one quarter since we started the Brewery List.

This update has added a massive 42 new breweries to the list with 34 opening since our last update. This means a new brewery opened every 3 days since June, halving the ongoing trend of a new brewery opening every 6 days which has been the consistent rate of openings since 2015.

Another sign of a growing rate of openings is that our list of “coming breweries” has increased by 25% to around 125 that are planning to open in the next 6 months to a year. This growth rate seems to confirm the recent moves by Lion to downsize production at both their Adelaide West End site and Brisbane’s XXXX site due to increased competition from craft beer breweries.

The changes bring the current total of craft beer breweries in Australia to 585.

Of the 585 breweries:

  • 26% are contract, or gypsy brewers
  • 45% are small breweries. These are the nano and pub breweries
  • 22% are medium size. These are the micro-breweries producing between 50,000 and 300,000 litres per year
  • 6% are large breweries. These are the ones that have a regional and national presence.

Since our last update in June;

  • Another 42 more new breweries have been added to our Brewery List
    • 34 that have started since out last update
    • 4 that started between the beginning of the year and our last update that we have just picked up
    • 4 that we have picked up that started in late 2017
  • Four have been deleted.  These are now listed on a seperate Closed Craft Beer Breweries page.
  • There have been two name changes.
  • Ten have new or updated address details.
  • And again there have been quite a few branding changes with seven having new logos.

The Australian Craft Beer Brewery List

Our Brewery List includes breweries, brew pubs, brewing companies, and contract brewers. We use a wide definition for inclusion in the Brewery List on the basis that they produce craft beer for sale to the public, whether on premises or not.

Currently the number of craft beer breweries in each state is:

There always has been, and no doubt will always be, debate about what is craft beer and therefore what is a craft beer brewery. And we’re sure that some people may question some inclusions on the list.

We are here to spread the news about the great tastes and varieties of Australian Craft Beer and take the view that the more, the merrier. Even if some inclusions may not entirely fit everyone’s view of the world. We are, though, open to discussion around the subject.

Is a “Brewery” really a “Brewery” without a physical presence?

We think so, at least for inclusion on our Brewery List. And more people are beginning to take the same view.

The craft beer market in Australia is still new and developing, with consumers being slowly converted to the wide variety and tastes of craft beer. Most of those consumers drink their beer in a local craft beer bar, and when they see the row of tap labels on the bar, we don’t believe that they care if the beer comes from a brewery, brew pub, brewing company, contract/gypsy brewer, or even a marketing company. As long as it’s a craft beer served properly.

Our list is about helping consumers identify the different brands/companies and check if they are craft beer breweries. Our aim is to expand overall awareness and knowledge of craft beer in Australia.

Whilst there will always be discussion about what is craft beer and what is a craft beer brewery, and we welcome debate and discussion, our Brewery List is still the most comprehensive and up to date Australian Craft Beer Brewery List.


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