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Brewer Profile: Pat McInerney of Willie the Boatman

Our latest Brewer Profile highlights the big personality that is Pat McInerney of Willie the Boatman.

One of the increasing number of inner west Sydney breweries with great tasting rooms.

Pat McInerney of Willie the Boatman brewery, Sydney

With the brewery named after a local character, and every beer named after somone Pat knows, there is a story behind every beer.

Taking time out from his busy schedule selling his beer to the masses (and a few politicians), Pat answers our ten questions

Pat McInerney – Willie the Boatman

1. What was your first brew?
It came in a can and I thought I was Gods gift to brewing! Ha. Not really. After my first attempt of kit brewing I started the Tempe Brew Club and learnt from fellow members about mini mashes. The first beer I made that I enjoyed was a dark ale. Made up from a Tooheys Old can, some chocolate malt and a heap of DME….I was and still am a home brewer. Oh and it was hopped to the eyeballs with Galaxy.

2. How did you get this job?
Both Nick and I mortgaged our family homes and bought our own brewery. It seemed like the easiest way into the brewing industry :-)

3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
The beers that Nick and I make are like our children. They are all my favourites. But if I was to pick one child over the rest I would go with our Cream Ale. It’s an easy drinker with a great mouth feel and a full body. Nick would go with our smokey Porter. It is delicious.

4. What’s your favourite beer brewed by others?
Iron Wizzard by the Grifter Brewing Co. I really enjoy the benefit of living in the Inner West of Sydney. There are a number of great breweries here and all make spectacular beer. I am a big believer in fresh is best.

5. Which beer would you like to brew?
I want to do more Belgian styles…. Can’t say too much more.

6. What name would you really like to give to a beer, and what type of beer would it be?
Sorry Anne! Named after my wife and it will be a Belgian Blonde. Damn. I have said too much….I said I wasn’t going to say much more and now I have let the cat out of the bag.

7. What’s your favourite beer style?
I just love all ales. I am a simple man with a simple pallet. I understand sours and farmhouse beers….but they are not my go to beers

8. What’s your favourite hop variety?
Galaxy. Classic Australiana in a flower.

9. What’s your favourite malt variety?
Simpsons Golden Promise.

10. Which do you prefer – draught, bottle or cans?
Cans. I love cans! Seriously though, I think beer is so much better served from the source. There is nothing better than walking into a brewery, pulling up a stool at the bar and having a beer straight from a keg in the cool room or even better from the Bright Beer Tank. Fresh beer is the best beer.

Technical Details of Brewery plant

We have a 1200 litre brew haus made up of converted dairy equipment

Willie The Boatman Brewery, Sydney