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Michael McGovern – Fortitude Brewing Company, North Tamborine, QLD

Fortitude - Michael Mcgovern1. What was your first brew?
It was a liquid malt extract clone of Little Creatures Pale Ale, it was terribly infected but I drank the entire brew myself. Little did I know at the time that several years later I would be deliberately brewing sour beers!

2. How did you get this job?
I have been brewing commercially for almost 6 years now and left Burleigh Brewing at the start of 2014 to come brew with Ian Watson and the guys up the mountain at Fortitude Brewing. As a brewer, I think it is important to gain experience on different systems brewing different styles to develop your skills.

3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
That would have to be Noisy Minor Admiral Akbar, it was my first big red and I was very happy with how it turned out, the brewhouse bar sold out in under 24 hours!

4. What’s your favourite beer brewed by others?
I am really enjoying the psychedelic series from Hendo (BrewCult).  I think everyone should have more funk in their lives.

5. Which beer would you like to brew?
I have been brewing a lot of Saisons at home lately and am having a lot of fun experimenting with the 3711 yeast so I’d like to do a Norwegian farmhouse ale with sea-buckthorn.

6. What name would you really like to give to a beer, and what type of beer would it be?
Now that would be giving too much away now wouldn’t it, but I can tell you it would be a fusion of two traditional styles

7. What’s your favourite beer style?
That is like asking “which one of your children do you like the most?” (its Stouts but don’t tell the others)

8. What’s your favourite hop variety?
I am really impressed with the 2014 Citra harvest, it is very aromatic and makes for great dry hopping.

9. What’s your favourite malt variety?
I think a solid base malt is critical for brewing good beer so I am always looking for freshness and good flavour from the grain.

10. Which do you prefer – draught, bottle or cans?
I do have a soft spot for cans but fresh draught is king!

Technical Details of Brewery plant

DSC_3123v2Fortitude Brewery is a 25HL system with 6 x 50HL fermenters and 3 x bright tanks.

We have bottling and kegging facilities onsite.

We also operate our 5HL Noisy Minor brewhouse just 500m up the road.