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Brennan Fielding – Burleigh Brewing Company, Burleigh Heads, QLD

Burleigh-Brewing---Brennan-Fieldingv2What was your first brew?
It was in 1984, and the very first beer I ever brewed was a black ale.

2. How did you get this job?
I started the brewery!

(NOTE FROM PETA: Ha! He’s just lucky I employed him)

3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
From Brew Moon in Hawaii it would have to be our German Pilsner, 41 IBU, 5.2% incredible, hoppy and sessionable. From the Oxford Brewing Company it is the Oxford Knight which was a German Schwarztbier and from Burleigh Brewing I can’t go past the Hassle Hop.

4. What’s your favourite beer brewed by others?
With so many amazing beers out there it’s really hard to pick just one! But I do love to drink good, fresh beer from the source, wherever that may be, of various styles.

5. Which beer would you like to brew?
Our next seasonal release, look for it February/March 2015!

6. What name would you really like to give to a beer, and what type of beer would it be?
“Giant Monster Spiders from Outer Space” It would something a bit kooky, evil and inviting.

7. What’s your favourite beer style?
Well made Hefewiezens, well made Pale Ales and IPAs, black lagers – basically anything well made!

8. What’s your favourite hop variety?
Magnum but I am from Hawaii

9. What’s your favourite malt variety?
We use a lot of specialty malts in each of our beers but you can still make amazing beers just from pale two row malt.

10. Which do you prefer – draught, bottle or cans?
Draught beer from clean lines, beer from brown bottles and cans when I’m on the water.

Technical Details of Brewery plant


50Hl Brewhouse and a tank farm that is growing all the time!