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Bottle Shop Cold Storage

As the ever growing craft beer market continues to increase, alongside all the new breweries we add to our Brewery List,  there has been an almost complete change in the packaging of craft beers from bottles to cans, and now there’s a big shift from bottle shops selling craft beer at ambient temperature storage to investing in cold storage.

With over 80% of beer consumed away from licensed premises, getting craft beer to consumers in the best possible condition is a key part of ensuring quality and consistency, and ensuring everyone gets to drink brewery fresh craft beer at home.

As an example, independently owned Liquor Emporium St Peters which sits within Sydney’s Marrickville Triangle has invested in a big upgrade adding a new walk-in coolroom with 18 jumbo doors to ensure that the craft beer they sell is in the best condition it can be. It has over 400 beers cold stored – all available as singles, 4 and 6 packs and mixed cases. Whilst they heavily focus on Australian Craft Beers, there is a selection of the best from the rest of the world.

As one of the most popular ways of buying craft beer is to buy single cans, Liquor Emporium also allow customers to mix and match to create their own 4 or 6 packs, with the added incentive of a 15% discount.

As more and more bottle shops see their sales of craft beer increase, they will have to invest in making sure that all craft beers are sold from cold storage, ensuring the craft beer in the can tastes just the way the craft beer brewery intends it to taste.

So, whilst you are on your Marrickville Triangle craft beer tour, drop into Liquor Emporium for the beers to take home – and if you do it this month they are offering 25% off all craft beer mixed 6pks and 30% off all mixed craft cases.

Liquor Emporium St Peters is at 19 Unwins Bridge, St Peters NSW 2044. Tel: 02 9519 9964