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Beer Reviews: November 2015

At the end of each month we are now collecting our beer reviews on one page.  They can be found at our Beer Reviews page.

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For the month of November 2015, these are our reviews:

Holgate Brewhouse ESB (5.0%)

Holgate Brewhouse ESB (5.0%) – at the brewery pub served on a handpump. Stunningly good.



Moon Dog Craft BreweryMoon Dog Craft Brewery Pumpkin up the Volume Spiced Pumpkin Ale (6.6%) Pumpkin up the Volume Spiced Pumpkin Ale (6.6%) – first pumpkin beer I’ve ever enjoyed. And the pick of the bunch tonight at the brewery. Delicate spicey sweet aroma. Nice bittersweet dry clean taste. Lovely.



Green Beacon Brewing 3 Bolt Pale Session Ale (4.5%)Green Beacon Brewing 3 Bolt Pale Session Ale (4.5%) – another great beer from this Brisbane brewery. Pours a very clear copper colour with a fluffy head. The delicate piney aroma gives way to a well balanced bitter taste with some fruit elements. It’s sharp and refreshing and easy to drink. Truely a session ale.


Australian Brewery All-Star Session IPA (4.3%) Australian Brewery All-Star Session IPA (4.3%) – another new beer to these great 335ml cans. Pours a lovely amber colour with a strong frothy head.  Described by the brewery as “a characteristically over-the-top exhibition of American hops in a beer that’s imposing, but sessionable in the extreme”. It’s actually far more sessionable than over the top with its moorish piney taste. There are some fruit notes to give some balance, but it is really all about the hops. Well worth seeking out.


Black Hops Brewing Midnight Pale Ale (4.8%)Black Hops Brewing Midnight Pale Ale (4.8%) – brewed in collaboration with Activision to promote the launch of the new Call of Duty Black ops 3 game, this limited run beer is more than just hype.  It pours like a porter – black as night with a thick creamy head. But the aroma is all American Pale Ale with pine and citrus. And it tastes just like a pale ale with a light mouthfeel that’s refreshing. It is bitter, but there is no harshness from the roasted wheat, just a gentle bitterness from the hops, with a slight hint of sweetness on the aftertaste that adds even more interest to the flavour.  With its contrasting colour and taste, this might be confusing on the eye, but this is one great tasting beer.

Green Beacon Brewing Wayfarer USA American Wheat (4.9%)Green Beacon Brewing Wayfarer USA American Wheat (4.9%) – Another “Americanised” style where the original is just swamped by hops. Very little of the wheat manages to come through in either the aroma which is full of the hop aromas of tropical fruit, or in the taste which is predominately citrusy with a very small hint of the yeasty flavour remaining. It is light and clean, and despite having very little wheat beer characters left is pleasant and drinkable. I just wish they’d bring back the original German style version which was far better.

Australian Brewery Alchemy Golden Ale (4.5%)Australian Brewery Alchemy Golden Ale (4.5%) – the deep golden colour gives off strong spicy hop aromas, with the hop character flowing through to the bitter taste. There is balance with a slight caramel malt aftertaste.  Great taste and love the design on these newly released tall 355ml cans.


Wild Bull Brewery tasting paddleWild Bull Brewery tasting paddle of Pale Ale (4.8%), Pilsner (4.8%), Wheat Beer (4.7%), Lager (4.8%), Black Angus (4.6%) and their Pear Cider. The stand outs were the Pilsner which was clean, crisp, and nicely sharp with a good citrusy bitterness. And Lager which was also clean and sharp with some bitter fruity notes.  Wild Bull Brewery are based in Ferguson WA. backing onto the Wellington National Park and have recently reopened with new owners. Open from Thursday to Sunday with a good solid beer food menu especially the great range of burgers.

Four Hearts Brewing Company Altbier (4.5%)Four Hearts Brewing Company Altbier (4.5%) – looking like a dark ale with its ruby red colouring, this has a light lager style mouthfeel. The delicate tastes of fruit and spice flavours coming from this malt driven beer. Not one for the hop fiends. Refreshing and easy to drink.  Not too many breweries on the east coast trying this style originally only found in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Croft Brewing Company Light Stalker Golden IPA (7.0%)Croft Brewing Company Light Stalker Golden IPA (7.0%) – light in colour but not in aroma, taste or alcohol. Strong tropical fruit aroma with a tart bitter lemon flavour. It’s certainly all about the hops. Refreshingly moorish for its alcohol content.



Mornington Peninsula Brewery Sacchariferous Stout (4.3%)Mornington Peninsula Brewery Sacchariferous Stout (4.3%) – a sweet stout with a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel. More chocolate than coffee with a hint of vanilla. Gorgeous.



Four Hearts Brewing Company tasting paddle Four Hearts Brewing Company tasting paddle at the brewery tap, The Pumpyard in Ipswich, QLD. Line up includes Ipswich Challenger Light Ale (2.9%), Wien Lager (5.7%), Summer Wheat (4.7%), Pale Ale (4.7%), Coal Miners Stout (6.6%), and the very unusual Wabbit Saison (6.5%) brewed with 200 litres of juiced carrots. The two stand outs are the Challenger which packs a lot of flavour into a small beer with hints of spicy fruit. And the Stout with great dark bitter roasted coffee flavours and a hint of smokiness.

Baffle Beer Brewery Bavarian Helles (4.9%)Baffle Beer Brewery Bavarian Helles (4.9%) – a Munich style pale lager. Delicately balanced malt and hop aromas follow through to the taste. Very smooth mouthfeel giving a clean flavour with some fruity elements. Refreshing.  Baffle Beer Brewery is a recently opened brewery near Bundaberg, Queensland producing a small range in bottles and kegs for the local market. They also do some contract brewing for other breweries.


Sunshine Coast Brewery Hefe-Weizen (4.6%)Sunshine Coast Brewery Hefe-Weizen (4.6%) – one of their seasonal releases on tap at the brewery. Moderate banana aroma with a hint of cloves coming through. Some fruit on the aftertaste. Tastes far better when it warms up.  Sunshine Coast Brewery is one of the older breweries being around since 1998. Situated in an industrial estate near Maroochydore, it has a tap room that opens for lunch most days with a limited food menu. Check opening times before visiting as they can change. Usually around seven core beers on tap together with a few seasonals. Best of the range are the Rye ESB (5.8%) and the Summer Ale (3.5%).

James Squire The Swindler Summer Ale (4.2%)James Squire The Swindler Summer Ale (4.2%) – It was cold. It was wet. Beyond that there was nothing. No aroma and no taste. As Johnny Rotten said at the last Sex Pistols gig as part of the Rock N Roll Swindle “Ever get the feeling you’ve been had”



Northbridge Brewing Company by Beerland tasting paddleNorthbridge Brewing Company by Beerland tasting paddle at the brewery bar in Perth, WA. Featuring Kolsch (5.1%), Marzen (5.5%), Mild (3.9%), Wheat (5.0%), Pale Ale (5.0%), and Lager (5.2%).  One of the new larger multi level brewpubs. The brewhouse and fermenting vessels all sit behind glass windows either side of the entrance and are visible on every level. A great venue and fine set of beers. The food was great as well. Definitely worth a visit.


Green Beacon Brewing Cross Knot Kolsch (4.6%)Green Beacon Brewing Cross Knot Kolsch (4.6%) – A style of beer originally only found in Cologne, Germany that was originally an attempt at a Pale Ale.   This one pours a pale colour with some aromas of wheat and citrus. The light, crisp mouthfeel brings out the slight wheat flavour, balanced with some fruitiness. A moderate bitterness makes this easy to drink. And want more. Available in this great can design, which is still one of the best on the market at the moment.


Colonial Brewing Company tasting paddleColonial Brewing Company tasting paddle at the picturesque brewery in the Margaret River region of WA.  From the right are Draught (4.8%), Wheat (5.0%), Pale Ale (5.2%), the amazing Small Ale (3.5%), Canadian IPA – Maple Leaf (6.4%), and the Porter (6.3%).  The Small Ale is one of the best mids we’ve tasted. So full of flavour you’d never guess it was only 3.5%.


Little Creatures Brewing Original Pilsner (4.6%)Little Creatures Brewing Original Pilsner (4.6%) – Tried this at the brewery in Freemantle a few weeks ago, and it’s now available on tap and in bottles across the country.  It’s been revised – and made more hoppy and bitter. The extra hoppiness will really appeal through the summer, as it gives the beer a dry refreshing bite. And it’s wonderful.


Blue Mile Brewing Red Belly Red Ale (5.5%)Blue Mile Brewing Red Belly Red Ale (5.5%) – the other launch beer from this new Busselton, WA brewery linked to the Credaro wine estate. Poured a lovely red colour topped with a frothy head. A sparse aroma of caramel could just be smelt. This one has a strong malt taste with spicy notes on the tongue. The medium mouthfeel was pleasant but lacked a little body. Only available in bottles in a few outlets near the brewery.


Bootleg Brewery, Margaret River tasting paddleBootleg Brewery, Margaret River tasting paddle at the brewery with Summer Ale (4.8%), Tom’s Amber Ale (3.5%), Prohibition Pils (4.9%), Speakeasy IPA (5.5%), Raging Bull (7.1%), Hop Swap Pale Ale No.2 Riwaka (4.6%), and Moo Chai Milk Stout (5.2%) with its mixed spice chai flavour, making for a very unusual tasting beer. The IPA was the standout.


Blue Mile Brewing 24 Cannons Pale Ale (4.8%)Blue Mile Brewing 24 Cannons Pale Ale (4.8%) – first of two beers from this new Busselton, WA brewery linked to the Credaro wine estate.  Very light coloured Pale Ale with a slight floral aroma. Clean taste but with little depth or aftertaste. Only available in bottles in a few outlets near the brewery.


The full Little Creatures Brewing tasting paddleThe full Little Creatures Brewing tasting paddle at the brewery in Fremantle. Includes the new Dog Days Summer Ale (4.4%), Pilsner (4.6.%), Bright Ale (4.5%), Roger’s Amber Ale (3.8%), Pale Ale (5.2%), India Pale Ale (6.4%) and the White Rabbit stable of White Rabbit White Ale (4.5%), White Rabbit Belgian Pale Ale (4.9%), White Rabbit Dark Ale (4.9%) plus the Queen of Tarts Shift Brewers Stash (4.7%) which is only available at the brewery.