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Beer Reviews: July 2015

Whilst our most upto date Australian craft beer reviews can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we’ve now collected them together on one page.

They can be found at our Beer Reviews page.

For this past month, these are our reviews:

1517530_879897175398652_3598597034998198958_nFeral Brewing Company Hop Hog (5.6%) – Consistently voted the best Aussie craft beer. It certainly delivers on the strong hop aroma and taste. It’s an all American piney, citrus, bitter IPA – but is it really the best beer around here?

11782251_879541945434175_6493345849783447897_oBrewboys tasting paddle at the brewery in Adelaide.  With Maiden Ale (4.9%), Ace of Spades Stout (5.9%), Gasoline (5.5%), and Seeing Double (8.0%) which was a real standout when it warmed up a bit. A warming winter taste of Scotishness.  A great venue with a very friendly brewery dog. The eclectic range of tables and seating make it a place you want to hang around. Plus plenty of bottles to take away when you do have to leave.

11754760_878719045516465_751800664466213283_oBig Shed Brewing Concern tasting paddle at the brewery in Adelaide.  With Szechuan Peppercorn Ale (5.3%), F-Yeah APA (5.5%), Stout, and Golden Time Stout (6.0%) bookended by Mismatch Session Ale (3.5%) and Big Shed’s Cherry Popper Applewine (8.5.%).  Both Stouts were really good and worth seeking out. Full of rounded, smooth, roasted coffee aromas and tastes.

11781736_878287942226242_973627639782392963_nCoopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale 2015 (7.5%) on tap – Lovely balance between the malt and hops on initial taste. Quite soon though all the hop variety tastes start to compete with each other leaving a confusing bitter aftertaste. Hides the 7.5% well.


11745430_877625098959193_5501924796310802698_nALL INN BREWING Co. Lucy Session Ale (3.5%) – at the brewery.  The really inviting warm golden colour, and subtle hop aroma leads into a nice malt/hop balance. Just bitter enough for a really tasty session ale. And the perfect stop on the way to the airport for a weekends brewery visits in Adelaide.


11745738_875352109186492_6718264784833558317_nEndeavour Vintage Beer 2014 Seasonal Series IPA (6.0%) – Unusual IPA as the strong hop aroma gave way to a big, sweet, almost overpowering caramel taste that drowned any hop flavouring that might have been there. The finish did have a little bitterness.


10696275_874780762576960_6658464080464832153_nPirate Life Brewing on the Sunshine Coast. Great to taste the beers with the brewers at the end of their QLD tour. A great range and all very drinkable – the 8.8% IIPA dangerously so. For me the 3.5% Throwback IPA was the star. A very impressive session IPA.


11011968_873473672707669_7195832691799404704_nHop Nation Brewing Co The Fiend Australian IPA (5.4%) – First commercial beer from a new Melbourne brewery. The strong flowery aroma leads into a lovely, and exceedingly drinkable IPA. The malt profile is allowed to come through the hoppy citrus to give a perfectly balanced bitter flavour.  The Australian IPA style is certainly the much more approachable, and drinkable of all the world IPA styles.


Sunshine Coast Brewery Rye ESB (5.8%) – A wonderful sweet malt aroma leads you into the bitter taste that makes this a stunning beer. Very moorish and warming during this cold spell.


IMG_2878Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel Victory Bitter (5.0%) – One of the Lord’s Seasonal Ales.  The winter release is an English style bitter. And it hits the style perfectly – nice warm caramel taste complemented by the earthiness of traditional English hops. As close to a great English bitter as I’ve tasted in the colonies. Best served after being out of the fridge for a while to ensure all the flavours come out.


11202119_872961379425565_8220099100325937990_nStone & Wood Brewing Pacific Ale (4.4%) – It might be everywhere, but for good reasons. It’s a flat out great beer. The perfect balance of fruit and hop tastes with an amazing fresh hop aroma. Great to drink in any weather.


La Sirène Brewing11702853_871674066220963_4711096348562820736_n Belle-French Ale (5.0%) – A light farmhouse beer with a spicy peppery flavour. Slight tartness that lingered in the mouth for a long time after finishing the beer. Perhaps not one to have before trying other beers.


11181281_870853546303015_2758045370175025152_nBrisbane Brewing Co. Brissy Pils Organic Pilsner (4.9%) – An easy to drink light hoppy Pils, with a lovely light golden colour. Good balance on the malt/hop taste with a dry finish. Not overly complex, just a good session beer.


Brisbane Brewing Co. Walker American IPA (6.0%)Brisbane Brewing Co. Walker American IPA (6.0%) – A fine version of a US IPA with its fluffy head. Full of citrus aroma and strong hop flavours. Bitter and dry all the way.


11659295_869614106426959_330508830349947677_nJames Squire 2050 Black Lager (5.2%)Described as a cross between a Porter and a “palatable” lager. Certainly there’s some roasted coffee aroma notes. The taste was initially a slight sweet toasty/biscuity taste that developed into a molasses overload at the end after a little warming. Tasted much better when cold.


10329139_869098686478501_7345298928996662711_nJames Squire First Fleet American IPA (5.4%) – Brewed at, and only for, The Charming Squire, Brisbane. Good strong bitter US IPA, filling the gap vacated by Hop Thief 7. Fruity taste with some pineapple in there. Nicely hopped.


11666048_868617043193332_5732942219140369855_nBrewtal Brewers Brisbane River Brown (6.2%) – Delicious thick, malty brown in colour and taste. Sweet caramel tastes with perfectly balanced hops. Dangerously moreish for a 6.2% beer. As with any decent brown the thick head stayed to the bottom of the glass. Fantastic beer.


11659425_868150329906670_519596854767635158_nYoung Henrys – Pink Lightning (4.5%) and Young Mussels Witbier (4.1%) – Both interesting if not a little odd. Pink Lightening is very light, drinkable slightly tart pale ale with very very slight floral tastes. Refreshing. Young Mussels is described as a Belgian Style Witbier with mussels. Again light and easy drinking and half way between a wit and a Gose with its salty aftertaste.


11665531_867769453278091_5525523166048166964_nGreen Beacon Brewing Moineau’s Flight (6.3%) – A Biere de Mars for a cold July winter day. Another of the French farmhouse styles of beer, but this one is a dark bodied, slightly hazy, malt driven beer that has a tangy edge. Also the odd hint of caramel. Definitely a great full flavoured strong beer for the winter. Nice and warming.



Two Birds Brewing Rhubarb Saison (5.7%) – Easy drinking saison with only a slight hint of funkiness. Didn’t get any rhubarb aroma or taste.