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Beer Review: Bargara Brewing Co

Bargara logoThe newest Queensland Brewery is Bargara Brewing Company based in Bundaberg.

We recently met the brewer, Jack Milbank, who gave us the privilege to be one of the first to try their initial batch of his first two beers, Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager and Drunk Fish Pale Ale. Both only currently available in a very limited bottle run.

It’s always a treat to try a brewery’s first beers and what a treat this was.

Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager


Bargara Brewing Company Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager

Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager is the first beer from the soon to be launched Bargara Brewing Company, and what a debut. The search for a proper drinkable and sessionable Australian lager is over. This is it.

The beer pours bright and clear with a golden yellow hue, forming a loose foamy head which soon settles down to a thin topping maintained by the continuing slight carbonation.

The smell is a mixture of lemon and summer meadows with neither the citrus or the flowery aromas taking hold but balancing perfectly to entice you to begin drinking. The mix of the European hops (Hallertau and Perle) come through without hitting you over the head, and leave the malty biscuit smell intact.

The taste is of slight bitterness that fills your mouth with flavour. The malt dominates at the beginning and continues through to the aftertaste where the delicate hop flavours appear producing a slight dry crisp finish that certainly leaves you wanting more.

This reminds me of the best of the German Lagers and coming in at an ABV of 4.5%, it is perfectly pitched for that afternoon drinking session by the beach and on through the evening.

Drunk Fish Pale Ale


Bargara Brewing Company Drunk Fish Pale Ale

The beer pours a crystal clear golden honey colour with low carbonation meaning the initial loose foamy head dissipates quickly to leave hardly any head for the remainder of the glass.

The aroma is full on malt with solid biscuit tones highlighted by the slightest caramel peeking through the low earthy tones.

The malt continues through to the taste producing a tangy bitter taste throughout the mouth and into the aftertaste where some slight hop finish appears but perhaps not enough.

A drinkable beer, probably best suited to accompany a meal or one to round out a night on the Thirsty Turtle.