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Agnes Gajic – Young Henrys, Sydney, NSW

Young Henrys - AgiWhat was your first brew?
The one and only Young Henrys Real Ale.

2. How did you get this job?
I hassled two of the founders, Ben and Oscar, until they let me pour beers and volunteer in the cellar.  Then I cleaned a buttload of kegs and they let me stick around.

3. What’s your favourite beer that you have brewed?
My friend and I made a pretty sexy Belgian Blonde a few weeks ago on our custom made kit.

4. What’s your favourite beer brewed by others?
I froth on Renaissance Brewing Craftsman Chocolate Oatmeal Stout.  I also love the Creme Brulee Stout by Southern Tier.  Can’t go past a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale either.

5. Which beer would you like to brew?
Can you tell I like sweet stouts?  I want my first speciality at Young Henrys to be a Red Velvet Stout …… YUM

6. What name would you really like to give to a beer, and what type of beer would it be?
I don’t think witty names are my forte.  We just did a Flanders Red and called it Stupid Sexy Flanders – epic Simpsons reference.

7. What’s your favourite beer style?
I think I already answered this one …. I also love a Porter, anything imperial, anything dark, strong and robust really.

8. What’s your favourite hop variety?
I’m really into Saaz right now.  I like Fuggles too.  I like a hop to be favoured for flavour and aroma rather than bitterness.

9. What’s your favourite malt variety?
I like Carahell, so sweet and roasty.  I love some acidulated malt too.  Oh yeah – I also love sours!  And Lambics.

10. Which do you prefer – draught, bottle or cans?
Nothing beats a beer of the tap.  I do love cans too.  Less environmental impact and less chance of the beer being light struck.

Technical Details of Brewery plant

It’s a 25hl IDD HEBS Mash Filter system