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Craft Beer Reviewer was started to help increase the information about craft beer breweries in Australia.

JCE HeadshotIt was started by the Chief Craft Beer Reviewer, John Elliott in 2014, having spent the past 30 years traveling the world tasting everything from beers made by Trappist monks to the very bizarre Peruvian Chicha de Jora.

A BJCP Judge, John was first introduced to quality beer when he was younger, by his uncle Ron. It was a thank you drink for helping clear up the remains of Ron’s parent’s house after it had exploded during the night (gas leak apparently).

That first beer was Home Bitter from the Home Brewery in Nottingham, England, in a wonderful old railway station pub. “That sent me off on many adventures to try and discover what this “beer” was all about.”

That journey of discovery has culminated in the view that “the best place to try a beer for the first time is always at the brewery, where you can usually talk to the brewer about their creations and understand how it should really taste.”

As an extensive world traveller, John has had the opportunity to experience the best beer in over 60 countries across all the continents. Keeping diary notes from those journeys, and a passion for photography led to the creation of Craft Beer Reviewer with the goal of sharing the best, most accurate and up-to-date information on the fast growing selection of Australian breweries and their beers.